Advanced Trips

Invitation Only

As a part of The Menogyn Progression, campers who have gone on previous trips are selected by counselors and Camp Menogyn staff to take part of life-changing advanced trips. These trips are by invitation only.

Nor’westers, 30–32 Days

These adventures travel to areas located in the western United States and southern Canada. Campers work on leadership development while learning about whitewater paddling, off-trail hiking and multi-pitch climbing. Campers also increase map and compass, backcountry cooking and teamwork skills.

Hommes du Nord, Femmes du Nord, Waputik & Wahkanees, 50 Days

The pinnacles of Menogyn adventures! We travel to the barrens of northern Canada, Alaska or the Yukon, or rock climb in the High Sierra. Long trips offer new challenges that, when faced together, build relationships that last a lifetime. Using skills and expedition mentality developed on previous Menogyn trips, campers have the opportunity to experience a truly once-in-a-lifetime adventure.