Backpacking Trips

For Campers Entering Grades 7–12

Whether hiking on Minnesota’s North Shore, on Isle Royale in Lake Superior, or out West in the Rocky Mountains, Menogyn backpacking is an excellent way for teens of all skill levels to experience the wonders of wild places!

Backpacking campers can expect to:

  • Learn how to properly fit and pack backpacks.
  • Travel an average of 6–10 miles each day.
  • Hike through spectacular landscapes along Lake Superior or in the Rocky Mountains.
  • Relax, make friends, and share stories and experiences.
  • Eat great food and help cook over a fire or camp stove.
  • Learn to live simply, carrying everything you need on your back!

Financial assistance is available.

Border Route Backpacking

Entering Grades 8-11
Campers placed with others of similar age.

Campers enjoy and learn the basics of wilderness backpacking during six days of hiking on the Superior Hiking Trail near Lake Superior or along the Border Route Trail in the Boundary Waters. Both routes offer strikingly beautiful vistas, well maintained trails, and designated campsites.

Entering grade 7 | 8-day Sessions - $990

June 29 - July 6 
July 29 - August 5

Entering grades 8-10 | 8-day Sessions - $990

June 20-27
July 12-19
August 7-14

Entering grades 11-12 | 8-day Sessions - $990

July 29 - August 5


Lake Superior Backpack

Entering Grades 8-11
Groups will have the opportunity to explore hiking trails along the southern and western shores of Lake Superior for six to seven days. These routes provide campers with sweeping vistas over the big lake as well as varied terrain through northern forests. This allows for the further development of backcountry practices and orienteering skills
through familiar landscapes. Each session will stay in designated campsites and travel along well marked and maintained trails.

June 29 - July 9 | 11-days, $1,520
July 23 - August 2 | 11-days, $1,520
August 16-25 | 10-days, $1,400


Isle Royale Backpack 

Entering Grades 9-12
After a fun 90 minute ferry ride from Grand Portage, campers enjoy 11-12 days backpacking established trails on beautiful Isle Royale, an island national park in Lake Superior. Isle Royale campers often see moose and fox, and may even hear wolves. Groups stay in designated campsites.

June 23 - July 6 | 14-days, $2,040
July 12-27 | 16-days, $2,320
August 7-20 | 14-days, $2,040


Rocky Mountains

Entering Grades 9-12
For 13 – 15 days, campers hike deep into a Rocky Mountain wilderness area (Sawtooths in Idaho, Glacier National Park in Montana, or a similar area) and explore spectacular mixed alpine terrain, at elevations up to 11,000 feet. Campers enjoy classic Rocky Mountain beauty while strengthening their mountain backpacking skills. Previous wilderness experience is required. 

July 12 - August 2 | 22-days, $3,120
August 7-25 | 19-days, $2,770