Engagé Sessions

All campers who are registered for a Menogyn canoeing, backpacking or rock climbing adventure are eligible to apply, however we recommend that campers are at least 13 years old. Each group of engagés will work with their counselors to accomplish different daily and seasonal tasks at camp while also taking time to plan a welcome and enjoy the setting that is the BWCA. Areas of work may include; kitchen (cooking, cleaning, dishwashing), Trail Department (pack-outs, equipment repair, cleaning), work projects (assisting the maintenance staff with dock repair, painting, etc.), and camp programs (trip welcomes, campfires, etc.). We are looking for engagés who embody the 4 core values: caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Please take time to fill out the application below thoughtfully and return it via email to the Program Director

Engagés Schedule

Engagé are responsible for many duties that keep camp running during their session. A typical day begins at 7:15 for waiters and kitchen help and continues through dinner dishes. During the day, various projects are assigned to the cohort that could involve anything from resupplying firewood to planning welcome skit for returning groups. Everyday engagés break from 4:00-5:30 to rest, read, swim, explore, or simply hang out. They also have the opportunity to participate in evening activities like campfire skits and saunas. 


2020 Dates

June 14 - 19 (6 days)
June 21 - 26 (6 days)
June 28 - July 3 (6 days)
July 5 - 10 (6 days)
July 12 - 24 (13 days)
July 26 - 31 (6 days)
August 2 - 14 (13 days)
August 16 - 21 (6 days)

Questions? Email the Program Director