Day Programs

We offer a seasonal wilderness program. Our programs balance interactive instruction observation, and play. Drop off your kids, or stay and learn.

  • Ages 5-15
  • $15/student, $7/adult—includes program and lunch 
  • Siblings under 5 can come for free with an accompanying adult 
  • Each program starts 10am and ends at 3pm. With the exception of February 10, which runs 3pm-8pm.
  • Homeschool Flyer & Registration Form
  • Registration deadline is one week prior to the program date. Space is limited. Walk-ins may be refused.

Contact Hart Olson, Outdoor Education Director, for more information. 


Program Schedule, 2016-2017

Pioneers: The Final Frontier - September 23

Who were the Pioneers and why did they settle out West. Go back in time and learn the ways of the Pioneers. See how they prepared for the upcoming winter.

Predator vs. Prey - October 21

The game of ultimate survival is a way of life for most animals. Learn the intricacies of a trophic pyramid and the basic needs for survival. Survival depends upon understanding the predator-prey relationship and overcoming limiting factors within the environment.

Lumberjack Days - November 11

Logging has been a vital part of Minnesota and Wisconsin history. Go back in time to learn how these men lived and helped to shape the natural landscape.

How Animals Survive the Winter - December 9

What happens to the animals in the winter? Discover how different animals survive using unique adaptations that allow them to withstand such conditions as extreme temperatures and scarce food.

Winter Exploration - January 13

Experience the joy and beauty of winter outdoors while learning a sport that is rich in history, easy, safe, good exercise and fun; Cross Country Skiing.

Echoes of the Night - February 10 – (Evening program 3-8 p.m.)

What goes bump in the night? Explore the nocturnal world with sensory games, information about nocturnal animals and demonstrations of how we adapt to the dark.

The History of Maple Syrup - March 17

Maple syrup was a traditional food product of the early Native Americans that everyone now enjoys. We will provide you the chance to take part in the process of making syrup from the sap that’s collected from our maple trees. Learn how this process has evolved over time.

Spring Restoration - April 21

Explore the different ways the ecosystems prepare for the upcoming spring. Compare and contrast the differences in the various habitats that we have here at Camp St. Croix!

H2Ownership - May 19

Walk the banks of the St. Croix River while discussing water’s role in our ecosystem, study aquatic life, and discover the effects humans have on our water quality and supply.

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