Day Programs

We offer a seasonal wilderness program. Our programs balance interactive instruction observation, and play. Drop off your kids, or stay and learn.

  • Ages 5-15
  • $17/student, $8.50/adult—includes program and lunch 
  • Siblings under 5 can come for free with an accompanying adult 
  • Each program starts 10am and ends at 3pm. 
  • Registration deadline is one week prior to the program date. Space is limited. Walk-ins may be refused.

Contact Hart Olson, Outdoor Education Director, for more information.

2019 - 2020 information will be available soon! 

Program Schedule, 2018-2019

Bug's Life - September 21

Come and explore the exciting world of insects, and spiders! Learn about their important role in an ecosystem. We will go on a hunt to find these critters and learn how to identify what we find.

Our Feathered Friends (Birds) - October 19

Birds come in an amazing number of shapes, colors, sizes, and occupy important places within many ecosystems. Learn how bird adaptations are important to many of our own local bird species and the habitats in which they live. Maybe see a flock of birds on their migration route.

Fur Trade - November 9

Learn firsthand the culture of the eighteenth-century Voyageurs and Native Americans. Practice skills and traditions like building a fire with flint & steel, pelt trading, hatchet throwing, stories and games. See how attitudes and behaviors during the fur trade era have affected today's environment.

Winter Survivor: Camp St. Croix Edition - December 7

Bad weather, getting lost, wild animals, unanticipated risks, injury, and sickness are just a few examples of the things that could dampen your hike or paddle. Learn valuable survival skills and strategies that will get you through the direst circumstances.

Winter Animals - January 11

Ever wonder what happens to animals in the winter? Not all animals decide not to hibernate. Explore the animal world in the wintertime. We will learn some tricks that animals do to survive the harsh Wisconsin winters.

Snow Science - February 15

Snow forts, snowmen, snowballs, they are made up of millions and millions of individual flakes. Yet no two flakes are the same. Come play, investigate, and learn the science behind what makes each flake unique, and the season so important.

Spring Awaking - March 15

It is that time of year when we say good bye to the bitter winter season and say hello to spring! Learn what sweet changes are happening to our plants and trees at Camp St. Croix.

The Amazing Race: Camp St. Croix Edition (Adventure Camp) - April 12

On your mark, get set, go! And we are off on an amazing race through Camp St. Croix. Contestants will scale a climbing apparatus, race through the initiative's forest, learn to shoot a bow and arrow, and so much more!

Farming and the Environment - May 17

How does your garden grow? Come dig in the dirt and see what it takes to prepare the Camp St. Croix garden! Learn some different techniques to start your own eco-friendly garden at home?

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