In 2017 Camp St. Croix will be partnering with Art Doyle’s Spokes and Peddles to bring the world of bike touring to St. Croix campers. While riding will certainly be a component of our bicycling program, participants will spend the majority of their time building, maintaining, and tuning bicycles. The rides will be the cherries on top: our Rouleurs will take part in a single night overnight bike trip and our Randonneurs a four night trip. All overnight trips will take make use of Wisconsin’s amazing network of crushed limestone bicycle trails.

As a pilot program, sessions marked as tentative will be opened only as other sessions fill.

Ages 12-14

Fee: $675

One Week Session
In partnership with Art Doyle's Spokes and Pedals.

June 25-30
July 2-7 | $600*
August 6-11 (tentative)


*During the week of July 2 – 7 our Rockers, Randonneurs, Frontiers, and First Makes will share cabins. Campers can expect to enjoy all the best that camp has to offer as well as spend at least 3 hours a day in their skill ar ea of choice. Rather than overnights, the week’s capstones will be full day trips to climb at Taylor’s Falls, ride the Gandy Dancer, or take to Lake St. Croix by canoe or sailboat.