Meet the Staff

Who You Will Meet at Warren

Because we know staff is the most important part of a camp experience, we take great care to hire and train qualified, enthusiastic staff. We look for leadership skills, prior experience working with children, decision-making capabilities, respect for the environment and safety awareness.

Our year-round staff includes an executive director, assistant director and site manager. During the summer, we bring in high school, college and graduate students as counselors and specialists.

All staff members are certified in CPR and First Aid. Waterfront specialists are certified lifeguards, and as required, others are certified as an EMT, First Responder or have been trained in Wilderness First Aid. 

David Searl, Executive Director

Fall, winter, spring phone: 763-230-9311
Summer phone: 218-744-4222

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A Letter From David

I love Camp Warren. Since I was eight, my memories of summer are memories of camp. That one-, two- or three-week session seemed to last forever. At first I learned how to sail a boat, build a fire, setup a tent and sing a few songs. Soon I was taking cabin mates sailing by myself and returning each summer to old friends and to the woods I loved exploring.

After eleven summers of being a camper or staffer, I sought out other adventures, while still staying close to the Warren community. While I was thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail with a fellow Warren alum, guiding sailing trips out east and assisting dog-sled mushers one winter at YMCA Camp Menogyn, I saw the impact wilderness experiences have on people of all ages. This journey has led me back to Warren. I am excited to be working to support your summer or your child’s summer at a place I truly believe in.

David Searl
Executive Director

Allison Kieley, Program Director

Fall, Winter, Spring phone: 763-230-9313
Summer phone: 218-744-4222

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A Letter From Allison

Camp, as a place, has helped deepen my appreciation for nature and outdoor experiential learning. Camp, as a community, has shown me what it looks like to foster healthy relationships through peer mentoring and teaching. Empowering campers to make their own choices and allowing them to fail in a safe environment makes Camp Warren a place where people are able to grow independently while being surrounded by supportive cabin mates, activity leaders, and counselors.

I started my time at Warren in 2010 as a cabin counselor. For the next three years I returned each summer as a seasonal team member, gaining leadership through working in the kitchen, as a program head, and eventually spending two summers as the Program Coordinator. This progressive ladder of responsibility has set me up for success in my position as Program Director

In youth work, there is never a dull moment. I believe in meaningful and intentional programming that allows campers to build skills and walk away having learned something. I am lucky enough to get to see this every day and am excited to work with you or your camper.

Allison Kieley
Program Director