Intro to Boundary Waters

For Campers Entering Grades 7–8

These sessions are ideal for first-time campers looking for an introduction to the Widji experience and the Boundary Waters. Campers will learn the basic skills of canoeing, camping, and navigation in a fun and supportive environment. A typical Intro trail group consists of two Widji trail counselors and four to six campers.

After three days of training and orientation at Widji, groups venture out ‘on trail’ for six to ten days in the BWCAW. Although canoeing and portaging can be demanding, working as a team allows campers to accomplish a lot more together than they could as individuals. All campers are expected to pitch in and do their share of the work, carrying packs and tents across portages which may be up to a mile long!


June 15-23 (9 days) - $855*
June 25-July 5 (11 days) - $1,295
July 1-12 (12 days) - $1,410
July 8-18 (11 days) $1,295
July 14-24 (11 days) - $1,295
July 20-30 (11 days) - $1,295
July 26-August 6 (12 days) - $1,410
August 11-23 (13 days) - $1,525
August 19-28 (10 days) $950*


*Discounted session.