Camp Christmas Tree Bus Stops


Please select only one bus stop for your child’s pick-up and drop-off location on the registration form; camp buses stop only at locations listed on the schedule below. Traffic congestion and road construction may slightly affect actual times but we do ask that you be on time because your delay will affect other campers.

Please note that bus sites are not supervised before pick-up or after drop-off times. Children not picked up within 5 minutes of the scheduled drop-off time by an adult will be brought back to the Ridgedale YMCA.

Bus schedule is subject to change.

Bus stops for camp the week of June 26 through June 30.


Eisenhower Community Center 8:00 AM Drop off, 5:00 PM Pick Up
Excelsior Elementary 8:30 AM Drop off, 4:20 PM Pick Up


Glen Lake Elementary 8:00 AM Drop Off, 5:00 PM Pick Up
Northern Tool and Equipment 8:15 AM Drop Off, 4:45 PM Pick Up
Pond Arena 8:55 AM Drop Off, 4:05 PM Pick Up


Ridgedale 8:30 AM Drop Off, 4:30 PM Pick Up


Cedar Manor 8:00 AM Drop Off, 5:00 PM Pick Up
Wayzata Community Church 8:20 AM Drop Off, 4:35 PM Pick Up
Orono Middle School 8:40 AM Drop Off, 4:15 PM Pick Up


Lakewinds Food Co-op 8:30 AM Drop Off, 4:25 PM Pick Up


Sears Auto Center 8:00 AM Drop Off, 5:00 PM Pick Up
Interfaith Outreach (IOCP) 8:20 AM Drop Off, 4:30 PM Pick Up


Minnewashta Elementary 8:25 AM Drop Off, 5:10 PM Pick Up
Southview Elementary 8:30 AM Drop Off, 4:40 PM Pick Up
St. Bonifacius School 8:45 AM Drop Off, 4:20 PM Pick Up