• Camp Counselors will ride and supervise all buses.
  • We do not staff the bus stops.
  • Please be at the bus stop at the designated pick-up and drop-off times to meet your child.
  • If no one is there to pick up your child, the bus will wait 5 minutes past the scheduled time and call the phone numbers provided, then we will finish the route and bring your child to the Woodbury YMCA.
  • If you have not indicated your bus stop on your registration form, or need to make a change, please contact the YMCA Customer Service Center at 612-230-9622.
  • The YMCA makes every effort to be on time. Due to traffic and road construction, buses may be delayed at times. Please contact the camp for an update if buses are running behind schedule.
  • Please review the following important bus rules with your child before they attend camp.
  • If you are arranging for persons who are not on your authorized to transport list to pick up your child from camp, you must send a written permission slip.

Bus Rules | Safety First

  • Campers must remain in their seats.
  • Always check on and off the bus with the Bus Captain.
  • No eating or drinking (except water) on the bus.
  • All campers must sit on a seat and face forward. (No lap sitting and no one in the aisle.)
  • All body parts and belongings are to remain inside the bus at all times.
  • Hands remain to yourself.
  • No fighting or screaming.
  • Let a counselor know if something is wrong right away.
  • The emergency exits should be used only during an emergency.
  • Please participate in bus games and songs.
  • If a child’s behavior does not meet these standards, parents will be notified; seating arrangements may be made and if problems persist riding privileges may be revoked.

Bus Safety & Persons Authorized to Pick-up

  • Safety of your child is the number one priority at the YMCA.
  • We will only release children to individuals listed as authorized to pick up, no exceptions.
  • We will be checking ID’s of parents/guardians and all authorized persons as children are picked up. Please make all authorized people on your list aware of this.
  • You will be asked to sign your children on & off of the bus each day. To expedite this process, we ask you to be near the bus and ready to sign children in/out, so our buses can remain on schedule.