Family Adventure Days

Enjoy our Day Camps with your entire family.

Have you wanted to experience what your children get to each summer or are interested in spending some time outdoors with your family? Now is your chance!

Whether you are a current camp family, are interested in learning more about camp or are just looking for a morning of family fun, we have something for everyone! Enjoy a Saturday morning at one of our Day Camps for Family Adventure Days.

Activities may include: Family Scavenger Hunt, Snowshoeing, Arts & Crafts and Outdoor Games

Dates & Locations

$25 pre-sale | $30 at the door – per family


9am - 12pm

March 2 at Ihduhapi

March 16 at Christmas Tree

April 6 at DayCroix and Kumalya at DayCroix

April 20 at Christmas Tree

May 4 at Ihduhapi

May 18 at Guy Robinson

May 18 at Kici Yapi

June 22 at Streefland

June 29 at Christmas Tree

June 29 at Kici Yapi

July 13 at Spring Lake

July 13 at Heritage

July 20 at Manitou

July 20 at Kici Yapi

July 27 at Ihduhapi

August 3 at Kici Yapi

August 10 at DayCroix

September 7 at Streefland

September 21 at Christmas Tree

October 5 at Christmas Tree

October 19 at Guy Robinson

November 2 at Spring Lake

November 16 at Manitou

December 7 at DayCroix

December 21 at Ihduhapi