Outdoor Sports Camps

Kids have fun in the fresh air learning about equipment and technique.

Climbing Camp

Entering grades 1 – 3 in fall

Campers embark on a climbing adventure! Campers will gain new skills and self-confidence every day through a variety of climbing activities. Campers test their strength, strategy, and skill while learning safety procedures, belay techniques, knot tying and proper climbing techniques. Climbing takes place at Camp St. Croix in Hudson, WI. The remainder of the day will be spent at Kumalya. Campers grades 4-6 will get a chance to test their skills rock-climbing at Taylors Falls.

Fishing Camp

Entering grades 4 – 6 in fall

Kids get hooked on fishing as they learn basic fishing skills. Lakes provide the scene for fishing fun using the catch-and-release method. Campers can bring their own pole and tackle, or equipment will be provided.

Archery Camp

Entering grades 4 – 6 in fall

While learning the fundamentals of archery, campers examine equipment close up, identify the parts of the bow and arrow, and learn the science behind drawing the bow and releasing the arrow. Instructors teach proper grip, stance and aim alignment. Campers will receive a lesson from the pros at A1 Archery in Hudson, WI. Equipment is provided.

Bike Camp

Entering grades 4 – 6 in fall

Take the outdoors on with two wheels! In this exciting camp, campers explore the Lake Elmo Park Reserve on safe and fun bike trails. They learn the basic parts of a bike, how to maintain them and go through a bicycle safety course. We will use maps to navigate the wonderful trails using the best safety practices. Campers must bring a bike and helmet. Bikes will be transported by a bus trailer and locked up at camp Monday – Friday.