Y Early Childhood Learning Centers promote healthy living with nutritious meals, regular physical activity, and rest time. Contact the program director at your preferred location to see classrooms, meet staff and more.

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Meals and snacks

Healthy meals and snacks are the cornerstone of your child’s learning throughout the day. Smart food choices are taught and modeled by our staff such a drinking water and the importance of all four food groups.

Breakfast, lunch and snack are served each day at all YMCA Child Care locations.

Physical activities

Physical activity is an important part of every day at the Y. Large motor skills are developed through daily active play. Your child’s physical skills are individually strengthened through the use of the Y’s extensive facilities—including playgrounds, gyms, pools and more.

Our locations also offer a variety of enrichment programs like Kids’ Fitness and Swimming, which also promote physical activity.

Nap and rest time

With loads of activity and learning, kids need time to recharge. Rest time is scheduled daily in calming environments with caring supervision.