Whether your family is new to preschool or new to Preschool at the Y—here’s an overview of what you can expect. Contact the program director at your preferred location to see classrooms, meet staff and more.

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The first days

When it’s all new, the first day of Preschool can be a real challenge for families. That’s why our teachers make an all-out effort to make the first few days a little easier on everyone. Some tips:

  • Plan to spend a little extra time with your child the first few days while he/she makes the adjustment and eases into the new routine.
  • Call or stop by during the day to see how your child is adjusting.
  • Ask the program director for suggestions to ease the transition.

The first weeks

Whether the transition is to Preschool or a new classroom level, it can be a stressful time for children and parents. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A staff member will speak with you within the first week to welcome your family, answer questions, offer observations and make sure you have the information you need on how the facility runs or ways to make the transition easier.
  • At your request, staff will happily call you to let you know how the day’s going for your child.
  • To mark the first month, we are available to meet and discuss your child’s transition.
  • We’d encourage you to complete the new family survey to collect your feedback and ideas.

Parent communication

You won’t miss a thing when it comes to your child’s learning. The lines of communication are always open and you’re welcome to check out the ever-changing artwork displays and communication boards in your child’s classroom.

Regular updates on your child’s progress make sure you can celebrate these important victories together:

  • Daily, you’ll receive an “About My Day” sheet that provides a recap of your child’s schedule, activities and experiences.
  • Each month you’ll get a newsletter, upcoming calendar, listing of special events and family connection opportunities.
  • Twice a year, we’ll hold formal parent conferences to share information, observations, and discuss questions about your child’s individual development and goals. We also welcome informal conferences at any time upon your request.
  • Throughout the year, we’ll hold family events, which are great opportunities to meet other families and increase your parent network.