• Before & After School Care
  • School Release Day and Holiday Care
  • Kindergarten - Grade 5
  • Independent School District 621
  • Questions? Call 612-230-9622 


Before and After Care

The Shoreview YMCA provides Before and After Care for children who attend Mounds View School District 621 Elementary Schools. The program is located in school for your convenience. Safety is our top priority. You sign into the program in the morning and students walk to class when school starts. In the afternoon, students walk from class to the program site and you sign them out at pick up time.

Students attending Before and After Y Kindergarten Care at Pike Lake and Snail Lake Education/Kindergarten Centers do not require transportation. Students attending Before and After Y Kindergarten Care at an elementary school in their attendance area are bussed to and from the Kindergarten Centers. YMCA staff at each location will help kids get on the bus in the morning and get kids off the bus in the afternoon. Bus times will vary.

School Release Days

Kids have a blast in the Shoreview Y’s full-day recreational program on school release days and school vacation breaks. It’s safe, fun, full of age-appropriate activities that stretch kids’ minds and bodies – and gives them opportunities to practice caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

Kids are engaged and entertained

Each day is different – there’s a whole lot of things to do and places to go. Arts and crafts, group games, sports, indoor and outdoor play, themed projects and field trips are just some of the ways your child might spend their day.


Before & After Care

Bel Air Elementary
1800 NW Fifth St., New Brighton

Register Online for Before & After Care

Sunnyside Elementary
2070 County Rd. H, New Brighton

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Pike Lake Education Center (Kindergarten Care only)
2101 NW 14th St, New Brighton
Kindergartners attending Pike Lake may choose Y care at Bel Air, Pinewood, Sunnyside or Valentine Hills

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School Release Day and Holiday Care

Bel Air School
1800 NW 5th St.
New Brighton, MN 55112

Island Lake Elementary
3555 N. Victoria St.
Shoreview, MN 55126

Turtle Lake Elementary
1141 Lepak Court
Shoreview, MN 55126

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Before & After School Care

Monday – Friday

  • Before School Care: 6:30 a.m. – School Start 
  • After School Care: School End – 6:00 p.m.

School Release Days and Holiday Care

  • 6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Holiday Closures

Y School Age Care is closed on the following days: Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day following Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Memorial Day. Release Day Care is available for other days school is not in session. Register online or download forms on this page.

When the School District calls for a LATE START, Before Care programs are cancelled.

When the School District calls for an EARLY RELEASE, After Care programs are cancelled.

When school is CANCELLED due to severe cold temperatures, extreme snow fall, and/or poor travel conditions, YMCA will run Release Day programs at Bel Air Elementary and Island Lake Elementary. Inclement-weather Release Day Programs are open to children currently attending YMCA Before Care and/or After Care.

School Release Days 


  • October 12, 18, 19: Bel Air, Island Lake or Turtle Lake
  • November 2, 19, 20, 21: Bel Air, Island Lake or Turtle Lake
  • December 26, 31: Bel Air or Island Lake (closing at 4pm on 12/31)
  • December 27, 28: Bel Air, Island Lake or Turtle Lake


  • January 17, 18, 21: Bel Air, Island Lake or Turtle Lake
  • February 18 Bel Air, Island Lake or Turtle Lake
  • March 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21 Bel Air, Island Lake or Turtle Lake
  • March 22 Bel Air or Island Lake
  • April 5, 19 Bel Air, Island Lake or Turtle Lake
  • May 24 Bel Air, Island Lake or Turtle Lake
  • June 6, 7 Bel Air or Island Lake

2018-2019 School Release Day Schedule


2018-19 Before & After School Care

A “session” is defined as either before school or after school. The 3-session minimum can be reached by combining a.m. and/or p.m. sessions.

  • 3 sessions: $36.45
  • 4 sessions: $48.60
  • 5 sessions: $60.75
  • 6 sessions: $72.90
  • 7 sessions: $85.05
  • 8 sessions: $97.20
  • 9 sessions: $109.35
  • 10 sessions: $121.50

All schools will offer a full-morning care rate for $12.15 per session. Valentine Hills, Pinewood, Island Lake and Turtle Lake Elementary schools will also offer a $6.08 rate for parents that choose to drop off after 8:30 a.m. due to the later start time.
There is a 3-session minimum for the half-price option. If you are signed up for the half-price and full price options there is a 3-session minimum for each option (Your child must be registered for a total of 6 sessions per week). Registration for half-price sessions are available online only.
Afternoon care at all eight program locations will have one option of $12.15 per afternoon session.

School Release Day and Holiday Care

$43 per child per day, late registration $53 per child per day.

Program Fees

Advanced registration is required to receive the standard program rate. Registrations received online or at Y Customer Service by Monday, one week prior to the Release Day, receive the standard rate. Registrations received later than Monday, one week prior to the release day will result in a $10 premium increase in the school release day cost.


Registrations completed online can be paid at the time of registration or set up as an automatic electronic fund transfer (EFT). Payment is available for paper registrations via cash, check or EFT. You may authorize EFT on your registration form. EFTs will be processed on Tuesday prior to the week of the release day. You may login online to see your balance and make a payment.

Cancellations and Changes

Changes to the registration for individual release days, including cancellation, must be made in writing to the YMCA Customer Service Center by Monday, one week prior to the start of the release day. We encourage change notices to be submitted as soon as possible. If the change notice is not received, you will be billed for the original enrollment and additional days attended. To submit your cancel request, visit the Contact page. You can email or chat with customer service to complete your request.

What to Bring to School Release Days

(please label all belongings)

  • Lunch, beverage and two snacks
  • Appropriate clothing for outdoor play and art projects
  • On swim field-trip days, a swimsuit, towel and lock

*The YMCA is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Please leave toys and valuables at home. In the event of low enrollment (less than 10 participants) the day may be cancelled. You will be notified five days in advance.