Outdoor swim lessons

Y Swim Lessons blend personal water safety, swim readiness/stroke development, character development and fun.

Well-trained swim instructors work with kids in a caring environment designed to develop a lifelong interest in aquatics. At Camp Manitou, kids in Swim Lessons:

  • Start with skills they are ready to learn
  • Are encouraged to celebrate successes
  • Build self confidence
  • Enjoy learning about swimming and water safety in an outdoor, heated, in-ground pool
  • Make new friends

Three sessions for Swim Lessons are available at Camp Manitou this summer. Save 10% when you register by June 11. Lessons are $75 per session.

  • June 25 – August 13, class meets once a week
  • July 11-15, class meets daily
  • August 1-5, class meets daily

Register for swim lessons

On the first day of lessons, swim instructors will conduct a swimming skills evaluation to determine each swimmer’s skill ability and placement into an appropriate class. Please register for the option that best matches your child’s abilities:

Swim Basics

For kids ages 3-12

These classes create a foundation of water safety and drowning prevention through water adjustment and skill readiness. Lessons are 30 minutes for ages 3-5 and 40 minutes for ages 6-12. All Swim Basics classes cover how to safely exit in the event of falling into a body of water.

Water Acclimation

Kids develop comfort with being underwater and there are no required skills to take this class.

Water Movement

Kids work on buoyancy, body position and control, forward movement and directional change. To join this class, kids need to be able to:

  • Go underwater and comfortably open eyes without goggles
  • Float on front and back with minimal assistance
  • Jump in the pool
  • Submerge and return to the wall with assistance

Water Stamina

Kids focus on swimming longer distances using skills like rotary breathing and integrated arm/leg action. To join this class, kids need to be able to:

  • Float on front and back unassisted
  • Push off the wall on stomach with face submerged for 10 feet unassisted
  • Swim-float-swim for 15 feet unassisted
  • Jump into deep water and return to the wall unassisted

Swim Strokes

For kids ages 5-12

After fundamentals are mastered, kids begin to learn personal water safety, character development and build stroke technique in the competitive strokes. These lessons are 40 minutes long. All Swim Strokes classes include deep-water safety and endurance.

Stroke Introduction

Kids are introduced to basic swimming strokes, including the front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke and butterfly. To join this class, kids need to be able to:

  • Submerge and retrieve an object in chest-deep water
  • Swim front crawl for 15 yards while taking a breath
  • Swim-float-swim for 15 yards
  • Jump in and tread water for 30 seconds
  • Swim to wall and exit

Stroke Development

Kids continue to work on all major competitive strokes—front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke and butterfly. To join this class, kids need to be able to:

  • Front crawl and back crawl for 25 yards
  • Swim breaststroke kick and dolphin kick for 15 yards
  • Tread water using multiple kicks for one minute 

Stroke Mechanics

Kids refine their technique on all major competitive strokes and learn skills related to competitive swimming like racing starts and flip turns. To join this class, kids need to be able to:

  • Swim front crawl with bent arm recovery and rotary breathing for 25 yards
  • Swim back crawl with stroke rotation for 25 yards
  • Swim butterfly with over arm recovery
  • Swim breaststroke for 25 yards achieving stroke rhythm

Register for swim lessons