The George Wellbeing Center community believes self-care is a right, not a luxury. Enhance your holistic wellbeing—mind, body, spirit, and community—in group classes. These 45min. drop-in sessions are open to both Y members and the public. 

Group Health Coaching

A safe, casual space to come ask questions, process and create a plan for your whole-person wellbeing goals. Build a bridge from where you are, to where you want to be by engaging with others in a group setting who are also making positive lifestyle changes. Your health coach will guide the group in creating your own personalized wellbeing plan – baby steps or giant leaps – offer support and hold you accountable. Drop in once in a while for a checkup or come weekly to maintain your wellbeing plan. No experience necessary, all are welcome.

Group Health Coaching Group Classes


Mindfulness meditation involves learning and experiencing formal meditation practices and integrating mindfulness into daily life. The classes may include lying down and seated meditations, walking meditation, and mindful movements. No experience necessary.

Group Meditation Group Classes

Group Acupuncture

Group Acupuncture is a service where multiple clients are able to receive treatments at the same time. Clients are seated in zero gravity chairs in the same room, with a licensed acupuncturist moving from person to person. Clients can expect to be resting 30-60 minutes. Walk-ins are welcome, however they are not guaranteed. Clients may have to wait for the next available space. Clients will not be accepted for session during the last half-hour. No experience necessary, all are welcome. Reservations are accepted by phone, 651-465-0468.

Group Acupuncture Group Classes


Through movement meditation, students cultivate the elemental energies of the Five Zan (“Treasure Organs”) and deepen spiritual awareness through somatic engagement. During the practice, students will learn the health benefits of each movement and build understanding of the five element principles of Chinese Medicine. No experience is necessary. Class is accessible to all bodies, ages and all levels of physical ability.

Qigong Group Classes

Guided Stretch

Stretching can alleviate pain and reduce risk for injury. Learn how to reduce structural pain, correct posture, increase mobility, and stability with a certified massage therapist. Classes will provide tools such as yoga mats, stretching straps and hands on assistance. No experience necessary, all are welcome.

Guided Stretch Group Classes