A Health & Wellbeing Coach is an accountability partner that helps you process your current state of health and create action around a more holistically healthy life—mind, body and spirit. Health coaches specialize in meeting you where you are and supporting you toward lasting behavior change. Build healthy lifestyle habits, increase your resilience, and find the essence of your life purpose so you can reach your fullest wellbeing potential.

Getting Started

Start by scheduling a free Foundation session. You will work with a Board Certified Health and Wellbeing Coach, your personal health guide! You and your coach will co-create a personalized wellbeing plan that reflects your unique needs, goals, and values. 

Health & Wellbeing Coaching FAQs

Group Health Coaching

A safe, casual space to come ask questions, process and create a plan for your whole-person wellbeing goals. Build a bridge from where you are to where you want to be by engaging with others in a group setting who are also making positive lifestyle changes. Your health coach will guide the group in creating your own personalized wellbeing action plan – baby steps or giant leaps. Drop in once-in-a-while for a tune up, or come weekly to keep your wellbeing plan on course. All are welcome.

Group Health Coaching Class Schedule

Meet our Health & Wellbeing Team

Rosemary Parece Psy.D., NBC-HWC

Board Certified Health and Wellbeing Coach

Rosemary’s early career of working in the psychology field gained her the knowledge of the tremendous payoff clients have on their health and wellbeing when they view their life holistically and address harmony in their daily habits of eating, sleeping, playing and finding connection.

Rosemary’s passion for whole-person wellbeing continued to grow steadily as she raised her children, and addressed her own health imbalances. Rosemary considers her later-life career as a health coach her “third-act” and is inspired to support other adults in finding balance and purpose in their golden ages. Rosemary will listen with her whole heart to help you discover your strengths and walk with you as you actively take control to achieve the lifestyle changes you want.

  • Certificate of Diabetes Prevention Program (YDDP) Lifestyle Coach, YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities 
  • Doctorate of Professional Psychology, State University of New Jersey 
  • Board Certificate of Integrative Health Coaching, Center of Spirituality and Healing University of Minnesota (NBC-HWC)