Learn what to expect from a massage at the George Wellbeing Center. Massage can help you:

  • Reduce tension
  • Recover from a workout 
  • Open detoxification pathways to help promote healing
  • Address conditions like migraines, insomnia, chronic inflammation, digestion, stress and overall health

Massage services

60-minute table massage

30-minute table massage

30-minute chair massage

Massage therapists

Malcolm Rowan Netwal

Malcolm’s approach to practice stems from the idea that healing comes from within. People have the ability for healing and wellness when the body and mind are relaxed in a state of homeostasis. With a grandmother who is a massage therapist, he cultivated a passion for learning and sharing healing practices from a young age. 

Malcolm is a certified massage therapist (Sedona School of Massage) and has been practicing professionally since 2016. He also has experience in Reiki, QiGong and yoga.

Nikita Schanzenbach

Nikita’s personal mission is to remove any perceived awkwardness around massage—everybody has a body and can receive bodywork. As a musician, she approaches each massage as a symphony, seeking to create a smooth, focused flow that lightens your mind, sets your soul at ease and restores your body.

Nikita is a certified massage therapist, a graduate of St. Paul College with honors in Therapeutic Massage, a member of the American Massage Association and is working to complete certification in aromatherapy.


Experience the benefits of massage every day with a hydromassage subscription. For $15/month, you will receive access to a 10 minute daily massage on our state-of-the-art hydromassage beds within the George Wellbeing Center.

Hydromassage can relieve sore muscles, speed recovery time after a tough workout, reduce stress and more. During a hydromassage, you are able to determine the pressure, movement speed, and what areas on the body you want to focus on most.

Contact us to set up your hydromassage subscription.