New flexible Group Training option

Buy Group Training classes in packages:

  • Four pack of 45-minute classes for $64, or 60-minute classes for $80
  • Eight pack of 45-minute classes for $128, or 60-minute classes for $160

With your package:

  • Classes are available at the Andover Y or Minneapolis Downtown Y
  • You can stick with one class, or try different classes
  • Get access to some classes that aren’t on the regular Small Group Training schedule
  • Come to class on the days and times that work best for you

Andover schedule   Minneapolis schedule

Class options include:

  • Barre—enjoy a blend of yoga, Pilates, strength training and ballet
  • Body Pop—get shapely arms and a strong core with upper body/back work
  • Extreme RTK—tackle kettlebells, ropes and TRX suspension training
  • Pilates Reformer—strengthen and lengthen muscles on a reformer machine

Sports Enhancement— achieve peak performance in speed, strength, agility, and sport-specific needs

  • Tread & Shed—challenge yourself with high-intensity intervals
  • TRX Suspension Training—build strength with bodyweight
  • Yoga Bootcamp—get customized instruction to deepen your yoga practice

About Group Training

Group Training classes are limited to a maximum of eight people so that the Personal Trainer leading the specialty class can give you the attention you deserve. Since class packages don’t require pre-registration, you’re encouraged to come to class early to secure your spot.