Today, 50% of young people grow up in non-voting households. Only about half of eligible voters participate in Presidential elections and about one-third participate in local elections. The figures are even lower for communities of color and young adults.  

The Kids Voting program offers four unique benefits:

  1. An authentic voting experience where students in kindergarten through 12th grade cast their vote on Election Day at a centralized "polling place" in their school building. We provide FREE ballot boxes, privacy screens and "I Voted" stickers to help make the experience realistic and impactful.
  2. Student ballots that mirror the actual ballot in each community so students and the adults in their life will be voting for the same offices.
  3. Resources for educators to help create meaningful lessons and classroom discussions around key civic concepts.
  4. Access to ballot-counting machines so that it's easy to tally and report on the results when the election is over.

Kids Voting Minnesota Network

The Kids Voting Minnesota Network is coordinated by the YMCA Center for Youth Voice. For more information or to sign up to run a program in your school or community, contact Amy Anderson at 612-330-3045 or