In this fast-paced, energetic game, players on two teams throw a large foam ball at each other, trying to hit a player of the opposing team. At the same time, they keep moving to “dodge” throws from their opponents. Y instructors teach safe throwing techniques and make sure everyone plays with respect. Kids learn defensive techniques such as dives, dips and ducks. They also learn safe throwing form and team strategy. All classes are grouped by age and ability. See the Blaisdell Y sports schedule


  • Classes: each eight-week session is $65 for members and $90 for non-members.

Questions? Contact our Customer Service Center at 612-230-9622.

Session 1, January 7 - March 3

Online class registration is open through January 21.

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Tips and preparation for parents and guardians

  • You can also register in person at Member Services
  • Have your child bring water and wear active wear and tennis shoes
  • Each child will receive a Y T-shirt
  • The Y will provide all necessary equipment
  • Arrive on time
  • Have your child use the restroom before class begins
  • Remain in the building throughout the entire class
  • Show a photo ID or driver’s license as you enter the building if you’re not a member of the Y