Birthday parties at the YMCA

Build a spectacular celebration by selecting your:

  • Duration—two- and three-hour parties are available
  • Size—parties are priced to include up to 15 children, and can include a maximum of 30 for an additional fee
  • Activity—focus on one activity or combine two
  • Food—guests are responsible for bringing their own food and beverages

What’s included?

There are a variety of options for birthday parties. All party packages include a two-hour party room rental with tables and chairs, kitchen access and a YMCA host and guest passes.

  • Play Maze Party – Member $130 Non Member $155
  • Pool Party – Member $140 Non Member $165
  • Outdoor Splash Deck Party – Member $150 Non Member $175
  • Climbing Wall Party – Member $165 Non Member $190
  • Combo Party (1 hour meeting space and 2 activities) – Member $195 Non Member $225

Come prepared

Feel free to bring your own cake, goodie bags and decorations—all are allowed in your private party room. If you do choose to decorate, you’ll be responsible for putting them up and taking them down.

For parties that include time in the pool:

  • Kids should come to the party with their swimsuit on under their clothes
  • Before entering the pool, children will need to pass a three- to five-minute swim test, or be within arm’s reach of a supervising adult while in the pool
  • Regular diapers may not be worn in the pool—swim diaper and plastic pants are required for children who aren’t potty trained
  • Additional requirements may apply

Start planning your party today—get more details from our Birthday Party Coordinator at 763-230-6575.