Damien Rochon-Washington

My name is Damien Rochon-Washington and I’ve been an athlete my whole life. A few years ago, I decided to pursue my passion by starting a career in the fitness industry. When you meet me, you’ll see I’m not necessarily “conventional” and that definitely comes through in how I train. One of the best parts about what I do is that I get to work with people of all fitness levels and from all walks of life. Because I work with a variety of people, I incorporate a variety of exercises into my workouts.

A few things remain constant though:

  • I work hard and so do the people I train.
  • Positive reinforcement is one of my favorite means to motivate.
  • I treat Personal Training as a partnership, not a dictatorship.


  • Functional strength training
  • Weight loss
  • Athletic performance enhancement
  • “Mental toughness” coach

Education & Experience

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Caveman Certified
  • MMA Conditioning Specialist

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