Martial Arts


“Martial arts” is a general term for different traditions of combat practice that exist in many cultures around the world. These traditions teach a combination of self-defense, competition, mental discipline and personal development. Martial arts classes at the Y focus on self-confidence, spatial awareness, coordination and rhythm. Kids learn techniques for kicks, punches and blocks. All classes are grouped by age and ability.

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  • Classes: each eight-week session is $45

Questions? Contact our Customer Service Center at 612-230-9622.

Session 5, October 21 - December 22

Online class registration is open September 3 through November 4.

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Tips and preparation for parents and guardians

  • You can also register in person at Member Services
  • Have your child bring water and wear active wear and tennis shoes
  • Each child will receive a Y T-shirt
  • The Y will provide all necessary equipment
  • Arrive on time
  • Have your child use the restroom before class begins
  • Remain in the building throughout the entire class
  • Show a photo ID or driver’s license as you enter the building if you’re not a member of the Y