Adults, College RAs/Secretariat, and Volunteers can begin their registration here. For both Model Assembly and Model UN, the adult registration process has been significantly updated for the 2020 program year. Adults will no longer register through Regy, although Delegation Directors will continue to access Regy to manage their delegates. 

ALL adults, including Delegation Directors, Program Specialists, college students, and volunteers MUST complete both the Personify online registration process and the Mandatory Background Check section below.



Advisor Registration instructions:

  1. Begin and Choose Room Option: Click the Registration button above. You should see two options listed: one for a shared room and one for a private room – select your preference (Resource Advisors should choose "Shared room") and then click the blue Register button on the next page.
  2. Login to Personify: Login to your Personify account or create a new one. If you don’t know your login info, click “Find Username” or “Find Password” and enter your personal info to see if you already have a profile (returning advisors likely already have a profile). PLEASE DON’T CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT IF YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE. If you do have to create a new account, you might have to click the link above to start the process over.
  3. Select Participant: You will then have to select yourself as the “participant” – you should see a list of your family member(s) associated with your Personify profile – check the box next to your own name. You will have to select “Adult” from the drop down menu. Click Next.
  4. Confirm Room Choice: On the next screen, you should confirm that your own name is listed as the Registrant (towards the top), and you will have to choose again between a Shared or a Private room – check the box next your preference (CAREFUL NOT TO SELECT BOTH) and click Next.
  5. Delegation and Assignment Preferences: The first question on this screen asks you to type in which delegation you are with, and the next three are your top choices for which program area you would like to be assigned to (we will do our best to honor your choices). If you have questions here (the name of your delegation, what it’s like in the various program areas, etc.), please ask your Delegation Director.
    College students should type in “Resource Advisor” (Model Assembly) or “Secretariat” (Model UN) in the delegation field.
  6. Emergency Contacts: You will be required to enter the contact info for three (3) people we can contact in the event of an emergency. You only need to enter one phone number for each person, but the system will require three contacts.
  7. Health Information: The system will require you to answer some basic questions about your health. If you don’t feel comfortable entering this information, just enter “X” in the fields.
  8. Cart Checkout: Finally, you should be at the Shopping Cart. MAKE SURE YOU ARE ONLY PURCHASING ONE ADVISOR PRODUCT. If you are opting for a private room, you will have to enter payment information in order to complete your registration. When ready, click “Checkout” and “Complete Registration” – you should see a confirmation page when you’re finished, and you will receive a confirmation email. Proceed to the background check.

MANDATORY Background Checks

In accordance with the policies of the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities, we need to process background checks on ALL volunteers regardless of their standing or occupation in order to protect the YGTC. Please complete your background check ASAP.

  • Begin the background check process
  • Log into the Background Check system
    • If you have ever applied for a position with the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities, enter your log-in information.
    • If not, please create a profile.
  • We use this system for both volunteers and employees.  So, you will be asked for a lot of information that we do not actually need – feel free to enter the bare minimum to get to the next steps (we do not need fields like prior job experience or college GPA, etc.).
  • Once you have completed the application, we will move you through the process and you will receive an email asking for more information needed to process the background check. Please keep your eyes peeled for this email.
  • As we get closer to the conference we will send out assignments to Delegation Directors.

Once you have submitted and competed all steps, your application will be in the hands of the Sam Alley at the YIG State Office.  He will process your application.

If you have any questions, please contact Sam at 612-821-6502 or