How guest passes work

Each year, you will automatically receive guest passes in your account that you can use to invite friends or family to join you at the Y.

  • Guests under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian while visiting the Y.
  • Adult and Youth memberships receive four passes, Dual memberships receive eight passes and Family memberships receive twelve passes.
  • Each pass is good for an individual or family for a single visit to the YMCA.

When you bring a guest to the Y, the use of a guest pass will be logged when you check in at the Member Services desk. Before entry to the Y, all guests must complete a guest registration card. Guests ages 16 and up will be required to present a photo ID.

You must accompany your guest at the Y and you are responsible for the behavior of your guest while they are using the Y.

If you use all of your guest passes, you can still bring guests to the Y, but there is a charge for each additional guest visit. Because the Dayton YMCA at Gaviidae is home to exclusive interactive features, guest passes there are priced differently.

  • $5 / $20 at Dayton for ages 18 and younger
  • $10 / $40 at Dayton for ages 19 and up
  • $20 / $80 at Dayton for a family pass

You can also earn additional guest passes throughout the year by participating in promotions and events.