Dear Answer Man, certainly you know what's going on at the Rochester Area Family YMCA. -- Bob

Yes, I certainly know there are big things shaking, and I know more than I can share. But I assure you, there are big things shaking, and I'm not talking waistlines on StairMasters.

One of my most pleasant research associates called Ann Beatty, chief volunteer officer of the Rochester Y, and she confirmed that "exciting news" is brewing.

"You are correct" that there are important decisions being made by the Y and other organizations, Ann said, "but I can't share more at this time. There are too many precarious votes yet that have to happen in order for" an announcement to be made.

But Ann, who's been the CVO since April 2016, said that by next week, "we may have some exciting news to share."

The Family Y, which has a facility that some would call "aging" and in need of updates, has been mentioned by community leaders as a candidate for co-location with another institution or two, possibly in the DMC Discovery Square area.

My I-Team member didn't press Ann on the point, but among the rumors on the street is that the Rochester Y is considering an affiliation with the Y in the Twin Cities. We checked earlier today with the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities and Joan Schimml, the senior director of communications and marketing, responded by email just before deadline:

"Thank you for reaching out to us about the Rochester YMCA member meeting next week. The Rochester Area Family YMCA board of directors has invited Rochester YMCA members to a meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 30, to discuss and vote about joining the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities so we can further work together to strengthen our Rochester YMCA for today and tomorrow.

"We will let you know after the meeting what the members have decided."

I'll also note that the Family Y's interim executive director, Mike Lavin, who took over from Steve Courts in January, was involved in leadership with the Twin Cities Y organization for 22 years.

So this apparently is part of the news that could be coming -- there may be more, and hopefully it's all good for the Family Y, which is an important organization and vital place for Rochester.

Touring neighborhoods

In Tuesday's much-talked about masterpiece, a reader asked if it's a new tourism trend to park your car in an unfamiliar Rochester neighborhood, wander around, see the sights and move on.

I'm not aware of this as a hot trend in the Queen City, but loyal reader Kim Woodruff sent this:

"I am writing in response to Somewhat Perplexed in your Tuesday column. I personally have driven to other neighborhoods in Rochester just to take a stroll. One in particular is the Cascade Lake area. I do not own a bike and accessing the trail from my neighborhood would be quite a walk.

"I enjoy seeing different scenery and/or styles of architecture. I have had the thought when doing this that it might seem strange to the residents and hoped I wasn't causing worry. I do try to find a space not directly in front of a residence and I don't stay parked more than an hour at a time.

"I would suggest the same to others that may not have nice sidewalks and walking trails in their neighborhood. It's a testament to these areas as welcoming neighborhoods."