Nearly 1,000 seniors, ranging in age from 65 to 100-years-old, are partnering up to do-si-do, in an effort to get active and live healthier lifestyles.

It was all part of the Minnesota YMCA's 13th Annual Gathering, hosted at the Minneapolis Convention Center Monday. It was the largest congregation of seniors in the state. 

Seniors from across the state showed up to attend educational sessions to learn about developing healthy habits, managing hand pain, realizing whole-body well-being, eating well and being their own personal advocate at the doctor's office. 

Lessons, Marlene Chabot said, has truly changed the way she lives.

"The mindfulness class that I took last year, it really helped me because I really watch, because you can easily trip ... anybody at any age .. and just try to be very mindful of where I am," Chabot said.

Seniors also got a chance to get active thanks to instructors teaching line dance and Tai Chi. Cassie Rood, Vice President of Healthy Living with the YMCA, said it's about participants leaving the health fair knowing they can live their best life and doing it.

"You will see how important it is for them to do social interaction with each other to learn about how they can take better care of themselves," said Rood.

The YMCA gave out four 'Thrive Awards,' like they have done so the last few years. The awards are for people who show they are living a healthy lifestyle and giving back to the community. Normally, four different individuals are selected, but for the time, tow couples are taking home two of the four awards. The YMCA event went from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.