Your gathering place for all information relating to YMCA175, taking place in London from August 4-8, 2019.


YMCA175 will be a global youth event running from August 4-8, 2019, in London, England, the birthplace of the YMCA. More than 5,000 young leaders from Ys worldwide will gather to connect with one another to build relationships and strengthen cross-cultural understand, celebrate 175 years of the YMCA's impact on youth communities worldwide, and create solutions to address social challenges. 

Focus and Themes

  • Employment
  • Civic Engagement
  • Health
  • Environment

Benefits of participation

YMCA175 is a unique opportunity to do the following:

  • Offer young leaders a platform to learn about issues impacting youth and contribute their ideas, talents and voice to create change.
  • Develop the cultural competencies and global perspective of staff and youth delegates.
  • Build local awareness that your Y is part of a global Movement committed to addressing the needs of youth and developing their potential to be changemakers.
  • Build pipeline of culturally competent leaders and strengthen connection between the Y and delegates (as future volunteers, staff, donors).
  • Participate in an historic event in the city of the Y’s birthplace and celebrate 175 years of advancing social progress worldwide!
  • Develop multicultural competencies and a global perspective
  • Strengthen understanding of the links between local and international issues and learn to take action to address challenges
  • Learn the local realities of Ys worldwide and their innovative youth work
  • Network and establish relationships with people worldwide

Note: For Y staff, YMCA175 participation supports YMCA Global Leadership Development and Global Service-Learning, and Global Leader Certification.

YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities Delegates

The delegation from the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities will include 10 members, comprised of one Delegation Lead, four Youth Participants (ages 16-35), four full-time team members (preference towards folks ages 18-35), and Jenny Miller as a member of the YMCA175 Planning Committee.

Delegates will not be selected on an individual basis, but rather as a team of a young person and a full-time team member. Each team will represent one of the themes listed above (Employment, Civic Engagement, Health, and Environment).

Delegate Requirements

All delegates (both youth participant as well as team member participants, must meet the following requirements:

  • Involvement with the YGTC for a minimum of one years as a volunteer, participant, or team member
  • In the case of the youth participants, delegates under the age of 18 must provide parental consent
  • Team members must be approved as in good standing with Human Resources—no open performance improvement plan, achieved an Accomplished or higher on last performance review
  • Willingness to fundraise to support the cost of the trip
  • Ability to commit to monthly meetings and 5-10 hours per month of action and learning experiences
  • Ability to travel by plane and vehicle for extended periods of time, ability to walk and stand for extended times.
  • Complete and pass a background check for participants
  • Ability to obtain a passport and cover relevant fees
  • Willingness to sign and abide by a code of conduct and ethics for the experience

Delegate Funding

The cost for the experience will total around $30,000. YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities will be contributing $15,000 from the training budget for YMCA175. To supplement that, there will be a fundraising goal of $15,000 for the team as a whole. The Delegation Leader will be the driving force behind the fundraising efforts. 

Fundraising also provides benefits beyond the dollars

  • Enhance the image of the Y in the community
  • Develop skills in and appreciation for philanthropy
  • Rally the community around a single cause
  • Provides donors with opportunity to connect totheir passion
  • Promotes project “ownership” by theteam
  • Develop philanthropy skills in staff and youth delegates


  • January 7 – Webinar held & Request forms available
  • January 31  – Requests due
  • February – DIG committee representatives review applications
  • March 1 – Delegation selections announced, including the Delegation Leader
  • March-June – Delegation meetings and fundraising
  • July – Delegation training and trip preparation
  • August 4-8 – YMCA175 Global Youth Event