Community and cross-sector partners meet for five sessions to brainstorm and implement innovative ideas to increase opportunity and equity for local minority communities, including youth and families.


Minnesota is a national leader in the disparity between racial and ethnic groups and will need to provide opportunities and equity for all youth to fulfill their potential for the Twin Cities to thrive.


  • Map Opportunities: identify the key priorities to address the local community concerns
  • Brainstorm Innovations: develop innovative solutions to address unmet opportunities and gaps
  • Build Collaborative Capacity: advance capacity of participating organizations to work together around common goals
  • Encourage Networking: offer opportunities for individuals to meet others that share similar passions and goals
  • Expand Skills: explore tools for innovation that individuals can use back in their organization
  • Generate Action: share ideas and possibly collaborate for how to implement and follow-up with the best ideas


  • Empathy: deep dive into the strength, opportunities and gaps for minority youth
  • Define: make sure we define and solve the right problem
  • Brainstorm: create a large number of innovative ideas
  • Prototype: make a model of how solutions will work
  • Test: create small trials to see if the ideas are viable




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