The new generation of kickboxing

One of the most innovative group exercise classes out there today, Cardio Kick combines the sheer intensity of boxing with the mental discipline of martial arts and the excitement of moving your body to a beat.

What does a typical class look like? 

  1. You’ll start by learning some basic moves such as punches, kicks and jumps.
  2. Next, you’ll warm up your large muscle groups (legs, hips and glutes).
  3. The instructor will combine the basic moves into choreographed combinations set to music.
  4. Class ends with a cool-down involving floor work and stretching. 

Is Cardio Kick right for me? 

Cardio Kick is a fast-paced, high intensity workout full of challenging moves. But anyone can do it with a little practice and patience. Our instructors are there to help, and you can always ease up or modify a step if you need to.

Remember: It takes most people a few classes to feel comfortable with any workout. So don’t give up if you don’t get everything right away. You’ll be glad you stuck with it.

Still unsure? Read up on how our group classes work.

What kind of results can I expect? 

Cardio Kick pushes you to keep your whole body moving and sweating, making you stronger with every step. A more comprehensive approach than either straight-up cardio or strength training, Cardio Kick combines the best of both into an unstoppable workout.

  • Burn up to 600 calories in a single 60-minute class
  • Improve heart and lung function with sustained, high intensity cardio exercise
  • Tone and shape key muscle groups using multiple reps of resistance moves (punches, jumps, etc.)
  • Improve coordination and agility as you perform complex steps to a beat
  • Improve bone density with moderate-impact moves such as jumps
  • Gain spinal flexibility and improve core stability with torso-twisting motions such as punches and jabs
  • Reduce stress by working hard and releasing healthy endorphins 
  • Build self-confidence as you master choreography and learn how powerful you are

I’m nervous about giving this a try—any tips? 

  • Get there a little early so our instructor can give you some pointers.
  • Don’t worry about keeping up. Pick a spot in the middle of the room so you’ll have someone to follow no matter which direction you’re facing.
  • Forget perfection … focus on fun. If you get lost, just keep moving and sweating until you find your place in the music.

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