The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

On March 21, the world commemorates the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. It’s a call from the United Nations General Assembly to “redouble efforts to eliminate all forms of racial discrimination.”

On this day—and everyday—the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities champions a movement to be non-discriminatory.

Hedy Walls, the Y’s senior vice president of social responsibility says that the goal is for you to come to YMCA and feel, “This is a place where I am welcome. This is a place where I can be part of something. This is a place where I can be my authentic self.”

Here are just a couple of the ways your local Y fosters a culture that invites everyone to thrive:

Welcomes immigrant populations

In addition to greeting visitors at Y locations around the metro with signs in 15 languages, YMCA programs offer newcomers:

  • Language and life-skills training
  • Connections to services that will help with the transition to our community

See how outreach efforts can help immigrants.

Focuses on equity

The Y strives to unite and nurture the best in all of us by creating opportunities for all members of our community to succeed—no matter their background or income.

We believe that equity for all should start within. That’s why we actively work to ensure our team and our processes are set up to make everyone feel welcome, included and respected.

Leaders within the Y organization are achieving equity leadership certification—so that each team member can help reinforce a culture where equity and diversity are priorities.

Additionally, the Y serves in a leadership role on the Mission Impact Council—a collection of community-focused organizations that come together to increase equity and opportunity for young people. By helping young people gain access to equity and opportunity, we’re hoping to create a greater future for the Twin Cities.