Model UN Preparation

Download YIG Model United Nations documents. Model United Nations Conference Resources are also available. 


YIG Code of Conduct

Status Report Fillable PDF

Students complete this form as a group and are required to list specific facts about their adopted countries. The form lists multiple questions that require detailed answers by the delegates. This form must be typed or neatly printed and turned in to the State Office on the first day of the conference at the hotel during check in.

Position Paper Fillable PDF

Delegates assigned to General Assembly committees, ECOSOC, Jr. ECOSOC, Security Council, Historic Security Council, and Human Rights Council must complete one Position Paper for each topic the committee or organ is scheduled to discuss (refer to UND-1). The Position Paper should state, in the adopted nation's point of view, how the delegate views the issues in question. The paper should be single-spaced on the Position Paper form and take up most of the front of the form.

Position Papers must be typed and turned in to the State Office on the first day of the conference at the hotel during check in.

ICJ Memorial Fillable PDF

To present or respond to a case to the Model International Court of Justice, a party must prepare and present a Memorial.  A Memorial must contain three basic elements:

  1. Claims of Fact         
  2. Assertions of Law              
  3. Prayers for Relief

If a nation is sued in the ICJ, it will be required to submit a counter-memorial, due before the first day of the Model United Nations.  Countries being sued will be notified and will be supplied with a copy of the memorial brought against them.

For more information, please refer to the ICJ Memorial section of the Model UN Study Guide. You may also reference this ICJ Memorial Sample.

Use the Study Guide for conference prep, background information, and writing guidelines.



Model United Nations Officer Candidate Filing Form | UNC-1

This form is used by delegates interested in running for one of the elected offices of Model United Nations. The UNC-1 lists positions elected by the individual Model United Nations organs for next year's session. The UNC-1 form must be completed online by 11:59pm on the deadline published in the election rules.

Model United Nations Appointed Position Filing Form | UNC-2

Delegates interested in serving the Model United Nations program in an appointed position should complete the UNC-2 form online by 11:59 on April 20.