Men’s Locker Room only has lockers and a changing area, starting Thursday, 11/15. The showers and tile areas are being renovated. The project is on track to finish December 18th.

Family Locker Room becomes the Men’s Locker Room on Thursday, 11/15. In order to ensure our adult male members have a place to change, we will be temporarily reassigning the use of the Family Locker Room. We encourage adults with small children or mixed gender kids to use the shower on the pool deck or use the locker room that is appropriate for their parent. A reminder, we only allow children 6 years of age and younger in opposite sex locker rooms. ALL WORK SHOULD BE COMPLETED BY FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21ST.

Old Bathrooms by Kids Stuff will be closed for renovations beginning MONDAY, DECEMBER 3rd. These areas are much in need of renovation as all of it is 40 years old.  This project is due to be completed by December 21st.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Project.  It's that time of year again!  Please check with member services about class locations during this time. 

      Studios A and B will be closed December 24-26th, re-opening on December 27th.

      The gym will be closed December 26-28th, reopening on December 29th.  SilverSneakers classes WILL be running.

      The raquetball courts and the fitness center floor area will be closed December 28-30th, reopening December 31st.

We apologize to our Members for the many inconveniences  It it is unfortunate this week it all is happening at the same time. We have communicated via web site, Facebook, and with internal signage to the best of our abilities.  Ultimately, all of this is being done in service of our Members and our Community.