Trail Conditions of the North Arm Ski Trails

The North Arm Trails are skier-tracked trails and so are classic in every sense of the word (though skate skiing can be fabulous in late winter on the hard crusted lakes).  Because only some of the trails are occasionally machine groomed, they can be challenging at times even for intermediate-skilled skiers. Due to the exposed rock and roots, a significant snow base is required on most of the trail system. These trails are some of the most beautiful in the area as they roll up and down over forested ledge rock and across lakes through the wilderness.  The trails are easy to follow and each intersection has a ‘you are here’ map.  Beginner skiers can first test their proficiency on the Moose Horn Loops.  Warning! - Ice conditions may be unsafe.  Users should check on current ice conditions and proceed with caution on the lakes as ice conditions can change rapidly.  

Current Trail Conditions and Snow Report and Comments:

Yesterday was Groundhog Day and I don’t know if the sun was out and he saw his shadow or not, but I’m sure there is six more weeks of winter.  The trail skiing is still great with a nice deep base. The lake skiing is generally good also with reports of just a few small slush areas on or near the tracked routes. Bring your scraper just in case.   

Reported by Scott Olson, YMCA Camp du Nord Property Manager