You are invited to apply to the inaugural year of the Social Innovation and Leadership Program.

The Social Innovation and Leadership Program (SILI) is a four-month long, 50-hour, paid internship that focuses on leadership, social innovation, and youth-lead change. The internship consists of three phases:

  1. interns receive intensive leadership training at ImpactLives
  2. interns conduct community-needs assessments at a local YMCA through volunteering and interviewing, and
  3. interns create a project to address community needs, focusing on innovation.

This is a paid-internship, and interns will receive a $500 dollar stipend for 50hrs of work throughout mid Jan - April.

Interest applications are due 11pm December 1st, 2015! The application is brief and shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. Contact for more information.

Download Application Checklist