Whether you're a new or current member, if your company offers a corporate wellness program, you may be eligible for a variety of exciting benefits at the YMCA.

YMCA corporate wellness programs

If your company has a YMCA corporate wellness program, you’ll have access to benefits like:

  • A trial period for you and your fellow employees to come and try the Y for free
  • No enrollment fee when you become a member of the Y during your company’s trial period
  • Reduced enrollment fee if you become a member of the Y after your company’s trial period has ended
  • Company-sponsored programs that might include lunch-and-learn classes, wellness challenges, or safety classes

When you become a member of the Y under your company’s corporate wellness program, you:

  • Can choose from adult, dual or family membership options
  • Have access to more than 20 YMCA locations in the Twin Cities
  • Get rewarded for working out—if you use the Y 12 times a month, you get a $15 reimbursement toward the following month’s membership fee

Get started today – talk to your human resources team or complete a brief no-obligation form, or stop in at a YMCA near you.

Make the most of your time at the Y

During your company’s free trial period and throughout your membership, be sure to take advantage of all the programs and services available at your local YMCA, including:

  • Free wellness consultations with a fitness professional to help you get familiar with the YMCA and assess your goals and needs
  • Free on-site childcare while you work out (hours vary by location)
  • Free towel service (for the employee only)
  • Access to YMCA children’s programs, such as full-day child care, preschool, before- and after-school programs and summer programs
  • Access to YMCA day camp and overnight camp