Whether you are new to team sports, or miss the days of “suiting up,” sports leagues are a great way to be active, meet new people and have fun.

Co-ed leagues include the space and equipment needed to play, plus an official to score each game. The YMCA does not provide uniforms. You will play a minimum of one game each week, unless there is a bye.

League offerings will vary by session and YMCA branch.

The next session of leagues start the week of January 9 and run through March 5.

Registration fees:

  • $300 per team, $45 per person for team sports
  • $75 per pair, $45 per person for doubles sports
  • $45 per person for individual sports


This classic sport was invented at the YMCA.

  • 5-10 players for a team
  • 5 team members can play at a time during games



This sport got its start at a YMCA, too.

  • 6-10 players for a team
  • 6 team members can play at a time during games


Team sports requirements

  • Your team might play against other YMCAs in the metro area.
  • If you are registering as a team, one person needs to gather information and register the entire team at one time—a final roster will be due before all leagues begin.
  • Each team member must sign a waiver before the first game.
  • Your team needs to have matching T-shirts and/or uniforms to wear during games, including an alternative color option for away games